Slice of Sweet Potato Pie (Plant-based)

  • Dec
  • 2017

Sweet Potato Pie (…Oh, me, oh, my!)

Sweet potatoes are full of healthy goodness!!!  I make them in the fall and winter.  They hit the spot every time. What is it about them that some people do not love?  It truly mystifies me!  In the name it says they’re sweet! 🙂 I have them in ...

Plant-based Butter

Plant-based Butter (…like no other!)

Butter, there’s really nothing quite like it! Sometimes it is a necessity in plant-based recipes. Therefore, if you’re on a plant-based diet, there must be a substitute, which I simply call plant-based butter. Now, commercial plant-based butter is ...

Sauce: Tahini (…It’s falafel-glee!)

Tahini sauce was one of my first recipes I ever put on Facebook almost six years ago. Around that time I wanted so share how to make falafels.  It is basically a Samara Commandment: “Thou shalt not eat falafels without tahini sauce!” Skip the ...

Sauce: Plant-based Tzatziki (…For your falafel chickpea!)

When it comes to Mediterranean food, it doesn’t get better than a loaded falafel pita.  To be loaded, it must have organic, fresh raw veggies, tahini sauce, and tzatziki sauce (plant-based, of course)! I love my falafel sandwich on the warm side with ...

Raw Blueberry Pie

Raw Blueberry Pie (It’s pretty good, no lie!)

This raw blueberry pie was well liked by my family and friends; so, I thought I’d share it here.  This pie is very nutritious!  You’ll see this once you look at the ingredients.  It is very filling too. I find that if eating it with something ...

Plant-based Mayo

Hey yo! It’s plant-based mayo!!! :)

I have been working on a mayonnaise recipe for quite some time. I recently taste-tested my recipe with my family.  On taste test, various family members liked it better than Vegenaise, but I know everyone’s taste buds are different.  You may try it for ...

Plant-based Feta Cheese

Plant-based Feta (is definitely bett-a/-er!!!)

Those of you who have been following me since my other blog are quite aware that I love Mediterranean food, which often calls for feta cheese.  I’ve been making plant-based feta cheese for quite sometime using tofu.  However a flavoring ingredient, ...

Sesame Tofu (Plant-based)

Sesame Tofu (… No frying for you!)

I love sesame tofu, but I’d rather prepare it myself.  I’ve tried a variety of recipes and I’m not sure if I’ll ever make sesame tofu like the restaurants, but the dish I’m sharing today is pretty tasty and something I could live ...

Caprese Salad (Plant-based)

Salad: Caprese (…make it with ease!)

Without sounding like a broken record, sometimes I just eat a salad for dinner.  There are a few I absolutely love.  My top choices are my taco salad, my rainbow salad with lemon tahini dressing, my plant-based Caesar salad, and this one — my Caprese ...

Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (Plant-based)

  • Sep
  • 2017

Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (…makes the day better!)

We’ve been enjoying cooler weather these days.  When cooler weather comes, soup is always on my mind.  Plus, with the approaching hurricane, I wanted to use up some of the contents of my refrigerator.  Consequently, I decided to make a red potato and ...