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Plant-based Sushi

Plant-based Sushi (Eat them with glee!)

A few weeks ago while making rice and beans, I stepped away from my cooking rice for about ten minutes longer than expected.  The result was sticky rice. If you buy organic brown rice like I do, you know the sticker price; I was not going to throw it away! I ...

Buttermilk and Creamer (Plant-based)

Plant-based Buttermilk or Nondairy Creamer ( … a recipe redeemer!)

Yes, indeed I use my plant-based buttermilk in many of my recipes.  I use to make only two cups at a time, but they were usually gone in a day. So, now I make a quart at a time. This doesn’t last as long either given my numerous experiments.  I added ...

Avocado Dressing (Plant-based)

Avocado Dressing (with a guacamole impression!)

I put avocado dressing on almost all of Mexican dishes.  I love the stuff!!!  This avocado dressing resembles guacamole, not a runny dressing.  It is a thick, chunky paste made with plant-based yogurt to stretch the avocado.  If you simply do not have any ...

Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Unsweetened Coconut Milk (… No store-brand bilk!)

Well, the title says it all!  For those of you who have never heard of the word “bilk,” it simply means ” to be cheated” (mostly out of money … and it’s usually by a person, business, or corporation).  When I buy ...

Plain Plant-based Yogurt

Plain Plant-based Yogurt (…that’s truly covert!)

I’ve been making plant-based yogurt successfully since summer 2013.  Before that, I had true failures and would give up and come back to try again from time to time.  I narrowed my failures down to three possible reasons: 1) Maintaining a temperature ...

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Plant-based)

Vanilla Ice Cream (…Yes, with the bean!!!)

I like ice cream as much as the next person, but the dairy version has never agreed with me.  I like plant-based ice cream, but the price never agreed with me. (Ha!)  I also do not like feeling like I’m eating an overabundance of sugar.  So, those are ...

Green Olives and Seitan-Chicken Rice (Plant-based)

Green Olive Rice with Seitan-Chicken (You’re gonna be smitten!)

Right now, nothing smells better than my house.  Why?  The garlic, onions, and green olives are adding aroma everywhere!  These smells are emitting from my oven! Today, I made seitan-chicken (using a variation of “That Was Vegan?’s My Favorite ...

Orange Cream Sherbet (Plant-based)

Orange Cream Sherbet (Will make you say “What!?!)

I haven’t screamed for ice cream in a good, long time.  Why?  The cow’s milk makes me sick in every way once I partake.  If it’s a vegan variety, then usually it costs a small fortune and perhaps that’s why I don’t think it ...

Plant-based Caesar Salad Dressing

Plant-based Caesar Dressing (…more than impressing!)

What can I say about salad?  It’s healthy and I love it.  It’s literally my “go-to” meal when I’m feeling lazy.  There’s nothing more “Fast Food” than salad.  You may have to do a bit of preparation upfront ...

Agave Spelt Croutons

  • Jun
  • 2017

Croutons or Crumbs (… gives a case of the yums!)

From time to time, we all need either croutons or breadcrumbs for a recipe.  Today, I’m sharing my recipe.  Now, you can simply sprinkle olive oil on your bread and toast it up in the oven, or you could add a bit of flavor to it, like I do.  It makes ...