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Plant-based Feta Cheese

Plant-based Feta (is definitely bett-a/-er!!!)

Those of you who have been following me since my other blog are quite aware that I love Mediterranean food, which often calls for feta cheese.  I’ve been making plant-based feta cheese for quite sometime using tofu.  However a flavoring ingredient, ...

Sesame Tofu (Plant-based)

Sesame Tofu (… No frying for you!)

I love sesame tofu, but I’d rather prepare it myself.  I’ve tried a variety of recipes and I’m not sure if I’ll ever make sesame tofu like the restaurants, but the dish I’m sharing today is pretty tasty and something I could live ...

Caprese Salad (Plant-based)

Salad: Caprese (…make it with ease!)

Without sounding like a broken record, sometimes I just eat a salad for dinner.  There are a few I absolutely love.  My top choices are my taco salad, my rainbow salad with lemon tahini dressing, my plant-based Caesar salad, and this one — my Caprese ...

Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (Plant-based)

  • Sep
  • 2017

Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (…makes the day better!)

We’ve been enjoying cooler weather these days.  When cooler weather comes, soup is always on my mind.  Plus, with the approaching hurricane, I wanted to use up some of the contents of my refrigerator.  Consequently, I decided to make a red potato and ...

Plant-based Sushi

Plant-based Sushi (Eat them with glee!)

A few weeks ago while making rice and beans, I stepped away from my cooking rice for about ten minutes longer than expected.  The result was sticky rice. If you buy organic brown rice like I do, you know the sticker price; I was not going to throw it away! I ...

Buttermilk and Creamer (Plant-based)

Plant-based Buttermilk or Nondairy Creamer ( … a recipe redeemer!)

Yes, indeed I use my plant-based buttermilk in many of my recipes.  I use to make only two cups at a time, but they were usually gone in a day. So, now I make a quart at a time. This doesn’t last as long either given my numerous experiments.  I added ...

Avocado Dressing (Plant-based)

Avocado Dressing (with a guacamole impression!)

I put avocado dressing on almost all of Mexican dishes.  I love the stuff!!!  This avocado dressing resembles guacamole, not a runny dressing.  It is a thick, chunky paste made with plant-based yogurt to stretch the avocado.  If you simply do not have any ...

Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Unsweetened Coconut Milk (… No store-brand bilk!)

Well, the title says it all!  For those of you who have never heard of the word “bilk,” it simply means ” to be cheated” (mostly out of money … and it’s usually by a person, business, or corporation).  When I buy ...

Plain Plant-based Yogurt

Plain Plant-based Yogurt (…that’s truly covert!)

I’ve been making plant-based yogurt successfully since summer 2013.  Before that, I had true failures and would give up and come back to try again from time to time.  I narrowed my failures down to three possible reasons: 1) Maintaining a temperature ...

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Plant-based)

Vanilla Ice Cream (…Yes, with the bean!!!)

I like ice cream as much as the next person, but the dairy version has never agreed with me.  I like plant-based ice cream, but the price never agreed with me. (Ha!)  I also do not like feeling like I’m eating an overabundance of sugar.  So, those are ...