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Pie Crust --Coconut Oil

  • Feb
  • 2017

Plant-based Pie Crust (… and it’s flaky, TRUST!)

I make three pies that I love!!!  I especially love apple, sweet potato, and blueberry.  However, every pie needs a crust and I love a buttery flaky crust.  Ever since I started making my own butter, I usually make a butter crust. However, if I am low on ...

Steel-cut Oatmeal (Plant-based)

  • Jan
  • 2017

Steel-cut Oatmeal (…in one minute with time to kill)

I prefer to eat steel-cut oatmeal to rolled oats.  Though oatmeal is in general highly beneficial to the body (See article on the Health Benefits of Oatmeal), did a comparison of oatmeal and steel-cut oats, and found that steel-cut ...

Gingerbread Muffin (Plant-based)

Gingerbread (… a loaf instead)

Whenever we think of gingerbread, we usually think about cookies.  In truth, I will eat a gingerbread cookie only if there is nothing else around, but amazingly I love a gingerbread loaf.  It may be no small wonder because all my life I’ve been a bread ...

Veggie Elbow Soup (Plant-based)

Veggie Elbow Soup ( … for your winter coop!)

Today is a bit colder than the few previous days this winter, and when it’s cold, I want soup!  Yes, soup warms and comforts me like no other food can.  I am a true fan of hearty soups.  If it’s not hearty, then I’ll find a way to make it ...

Graham Crackers (Ener-G Baking Powder)

Graham Crackers (…without the sodium factors!)

Graham crackers are not something I eat regularly.  Many people eat them on S’mores when camping out or at parties.  I only ever ate them with peanut butter or at the bottom of a cake or pie in the form of a graham cracker crust.  In fact, that is why ...

Glory Bowl (Plant-based)

Bowls of Glory (…so great for ye!)

In truth I’ve been eating glory bowls as long as I can remember, but we just didn’t have a name for them.  Now-a-days, they are called other names as well (buddha bowls, hippie bowls), but I prefer the name glory bowls because  these are ...

Beets, Diced (Plant-based)

Beets (… one of the great side eats!)

I have always loved beets.  Who doesn’t love red vegetables?!?  The color alone says love. When I was little, beets were my favorite food. I could eat them like they were candy. I believe I was about 5 years old when I asked my mom for cooked beets in ...

Miso Soup (Plant-based)

Miso Soup (…It’ll be the scoop!)

It’s getting colder; and when it’s cold, I want soup!  Soup is the ultimate comfort food.  It gives me that warm, loved feeling.  It also is quite filling.  I am positively full once I eat a big bowl. Today, I wanted miso soup.  Miso soup has ...

Hummus w/ Roasted Pepper (Plant-based)

Hummus (… that’s really a must!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Mediterranean foods.  Actually, these foods call me by name. I especially love hummus.  Hummus is made from beans, usually garbanzo beans (chickpeas).  As a child, my mom would make this and we called it “Garbanzo ...

Bean-eef (Plant-based)

Bean-eef (Where is the bean-eef?!?)

I make a few meat-substitutes.  I will post these here as I make them in the future.  I call the beans that I make into a meat substitute, “bean-eef,” which sounds a bit similar to  beef.  Therefore, bean-eef is a plant-based beef substitute ...