Plant-based Mayo

Hey yo! It’s plant-based mayo!!! :)

I have been working on a mayonnaise recipe for quite some time. I recently taste-tested my recipe with my family.  On taste test, various family members liked it better than Vegenaise, but I know everyone’s taste buds are different.  You may try it for ...

Agave Spelt Croutons

  • Jun
  • 2017

Croutons or Crumbs (… gives a case of the yums!)

From time to time, we all need either croutons or breadcrumbs for a recipe.  Today, I’m sharing my recipe.  Now, you can simply sprinkle olive oil on your bread and toast it up in the oven, or you could add a bit of flavor to it, like I do.  It makes ...

Agave Spelt Bread (Plant-based)

  • Jun
  • 2017

Agave-Spelt Bread (… without the dread!)

I grew up on homemade bread.  My mother’s bread still has to be the best bread I’ve ever eaten.  It’s hard to make it as it really did not have a measurement recipe.  I can get close, but it’s still not mommy’s.  Alas, I have ...

Gingerbread Muffin (Plant-based)

Gingerbread (… a loaf instead)

Whenever we think of gingerbread, we usually think about cookies.  In truth, I will eat a gingerbread cookie only if there is nothing else around, but amazingly I love a gingerbread loaf.  It may be no small wonder because all my life I’ve been a bread ...

Graham Crackers (Ener-G Baking Powder)

Graham Crackers (…without the sodium factors!)

Graham crackers are not something I eat regularly.  Many people eat them on S’mores when camping out or at parties.  I only ever ate them with peanut butter or at the bottom of a cake or pie in the form of a graham cracker crust.  In fact, that is why ...