Raw Blueberry Pie

Raw Blueberry Pie (It’s pretty good, no lie!)

This raw blueberry pie was well liked by my family and friends; so, I thought I’d share it here.  This pie is very nutritious!  You’ll see this once you look at the ingredients.  It is very filling too. I find that if eating it with something ...

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Plant-based)

Vanilla Ice Cream (…Yes, with the bean!!!)

I like ice cream as much as the next person, but the dairy version has never agreed with me.  I like plant-based ice cream, but the price never agreed with me. (Ha!)  I also do not like feeling like I’m eating an overabundance of sugar.  So, those are ...

Orange Cream Sherbet (Plant-based)

Orange Cream Sherbet (Will make you say “What!?!)

I haven’t screamed for ice cream in a good, long time.  Why?  The cow’s milk makes me sick in every way once I partake.  If it’s a vegan variety, then usually it costs a small fortune and perhaps that’s why I don’t think it ...