Avocado Dressing (Plant-based)

Avocado Dressing (with a guacamole impression!)

I put avocado dressing on almost all of Mexican dishes.  I love the stuff!!!  This avocado dressing resembles guacamole, not a runny dressing.  It is a thick, chunky paste made with plant-based yogurt to stretch the avocado.  If you simply do not have any ...

Taco Seasoning (Plant-based)

Taco Seasoning (…for taco cohesioning!)

I love tacos.  I also love to make them in a jiffy.  In order to do that you need a seasoning that can be mixed with the ingredients to take on the flavor.  Taco seasoning makes making tacos a breeze.  I don’t buy it because many of the ingredients ...

Taco Sauce (Plant-based)

Taco Sauce (…with no flavor lost!)

I’ve been making this taco sauce recipe for years now.  I must reveal that when it comes to taco sauce, I’m REALLY picky.  In my undergraduate years in college, I ate a Taco Bell bean burrito, loaded with mild taco sauce, almost every other day. ...