No-Chicken Pot Pie

No-Chicken Pot Pie (It’s so good! No lie!)

I have been challenged to make my recipes “more simple.” I have accepted this challenge and this recipe fits the bill. One of my critiques is that people may not want to make their own plant-based butter or milk from scratch.  Well, you may buy ...

Slice of Sweet Potato Pie (Plant-based)

  • Dec
  • 2017

Sweet Potato Pie (…Oh, me, oh, my!)

Sweet potatoes are full of healthy goodness!!!  I make them in the fall and winter.  They hit the spot every time. What is it about them that some people do not love?  It truly mystifies me!  In the name it says they’re sweet! 🙂 I have them in ...

Raw Blueberry Pie

Raw Blueberry Pie (It’s pretty good, no lie!)

This raw blueberry pie was well liked by my family and friends; so, I thought I’d share it here.  This pie is very nutritious!  You’ll see this once you look at the ingredients.  It is very filling too. I find that if eating it with something ...

Pie Crust --Coconut Oil

  • Feb
  • 2017

Plant-based Pie Crust (… and it’s flaky, TRUST!)

I make three pies that I love!!!  I especially love apple, sweet potato, and blueberry.  However, every pie needs a crust and I love a buttery flaky crust.  Ever since I started making my own butter, I usually make a butter crust. However, if I am low on ...

Graham Crackers (Ener-G Baking Powder)

Graham Crackers (…without the sodium factors!)

Graham crackers are not something I eat regularly.  Many people eat them on S’mores when camping out or at parties.  I only ever ate them with peanut butter or at the bottom of a cake or pie in the form of a graham cracker crust.  In fact, that is why ...