Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (Plant-based)

  • Sep
  • 2017

Soup: Red Potato and Cheddar (…makes the day better!)

We’ve been enjoying cooler weather these days.  When cooler weather comes, soup is always on my mind.  Plus, with the approaching hurricane, I wanted to use up some of the contents of my refrigerator.  Consequently, I decided to make a red potato and ...

Veggie Elbow Soup (Plant-based)

Veggie Elbow Soup ( … for your winter coop!)

Today is a bit colder than the few previous days this winter, and when it’s cold, I want soup!  Yes, soup warms and comforts me like no other food can.  I am a true fan of hearty soups.  If it’s not hearty, then I’ll find a way to make it ...

Miso Soup (Plant-based)

Miso Soup (…It’ll be the scoop!)

It’s getting colder; and when it’s cold, I want soup!  Soup is the ultimate comfort food.  It gives me that warm, loved feeling.  It also is quite filling.  I am positively full once I eat a big bowl. Today, I wanted miso soup.  Miso soup has ...