Simple Preparations

Avocado Spread

Okay, for those who have been following my blog recipe since I started back in 2013, you know that I used to call this “Avocado

Cashew Mayo

This is my delicious oil-free plant-based mayo. I basically only added three things to this version that was not in my previous version. I can’t

Plant-based Mayo

This is my new oil-based recipe. I have a no-oil recipe too, but I’ll share that later. I’ve been experimenting on this recipe ever since


So, in keeping with no vinegar condiments, I must include a recipe for ketchup. I really never liked using tomato paste in my homemade ketchup

Dijon No-Mustard

I grew up not eating mustard of any kind, even the condiment. I tasted it once out of curiosity and wondered how anyone liked it.