Simple Preparations

Garbanzo Bean Curry

Beans are very nutritious. I grew up on beans and rice. We ate only two meals a day, nothing in between meals but water. Our


So, in keeping with no vinegar condiments, I must include a recipe for ketchup. I really never liked using tomato paste in my homemade ketchup

Dijon No-Mustard

I grew up not eating mustard of any kind, even the condiment. I tasted it once out of curiosity and wondered how anyone liked it.

Samara’s Curry

To have pure blood, we must keep our body temples free from the stimulating and irritating spices. Therefore, it is needful to reconstitute beloved seasonings,

Chili Powder Substitute

Chili powder contains Cayenne pepper, which is a great medicinal spice. However, I seek to limit this spice in my foods. In speaking of all

Feta-ish Crumbles (RAW)

Originally, feta cheese is dairy-based. It comes from an animal. Feta cheese was originally made from sheep’s milk, but not anymore.  Though I’ve also seen


This is my coconut yogurt recipe. It is a simple and easy recipe. I make this with almonds or cashews or a mixture of both.

Greek Salad

I absolutely love salad with a good dressing! It is the ultimate fast food! I find salad to be very versatile too. You may add