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Raisin Walnut Bread

Do you like raisin bread? Well, then you will like this raisin nut bread. Yes, I add walnuts to my raisin bread. You may leave the nuts out as they are totally optional, but I love this recipe and so do many of my friends and family.

This recipe uses my agave spelt bread recipe as the bread base, but you may leave out the spelt and just use whole wheat. At times, I just use 100% white whole wheat flour. The cinnamon-ish spice mix is made first. I tend to leave out the cayenne unless requested. You may use as much as you like or split it for a total of two raisin breads. I use one recipe of the cinnamon-ish spice for one raisin bread. I guess you may mix in the spice with your dough if you like when making the agave-spelt recipe, but I never do this as I always make a loaf of plain bread with this my fruit-nut bread. If you do mix the spice in the bread, let me know how it turns out! If I do not hear from anyone on this, I’ll experiment myself with doing this in the future.

I soak the raisins overnight or boil them and let them sit for 5-10 minutes to plump; then drain them. I also chop the nuts and set aside too. Remember to spray or coat your bread pan before rolling the dough as well. I use an avocado spray. I find it easy to just spray my pans and the top of the bread once it comes out the oven to seal in the cinnamon-ish spice sprinkled on top.

Both walnuts and raisins are good for digestion, diabetes, your bones, your hair, skin health, sleep, and your fertility. Nutritionally both have antioxidants. Notably, raisins are a great supply of iron, while walnuts supply omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both raisins and walnuts are fiber-rich. Raisins can be eaten to serve as a laxative. Raisins are also great for your teeth and kidney health. Walnuts are great for your metabolism, but do not eat more than about 8 or 9 per meal, as they are a high fat food. They are also great for brain health (as noted by their brain-like appearance). They help with inflammation as well. As always, please look up the nutritional and health benefits for raisins (Organic Facts article) and walnuts (Organic Facts article) for yourself!

Before I put the bread in the oven, I sprinkle a bit of the cinnamon-ish spice mix on top. I usually do not spray it at this time for the mixture to adhere, but you may, as this might be easier. As soon as the bread comes out of the oven, I spray it and then cover with a paper towel and then with a clean kitchen cloth for about 10 minutes, which softens the top of the bread. I then take it out of the bread pan and let it cool on a cooling rack. Once completely cool, I bag it and wait for the recommended two days to cut and eat it (See Counsels on Diets and Foods, pp. 317.2; 319.1). This is so that all of the alcohol from the yeast can dissipate. If you make two, after the two days, the other one can be stored in the freezer.

Now, without further ado…

Raisin Walnut Bread



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F.
  2. Set soaked raisins and chopped walnuts aside in a separate bowl.
  3. In a small bowl, cinnamon-ish spice mix.
  4. Roll out bread dough.
  5. Spread spice mix on bread layering evenly, reserving about two tablespoons for top coating. Evenly distribute raisins and walnuts on top of spice mix.
  6. Roll the bread using the shorter edge to more adequately allow a swirl to form. Be sure to squeeze roll together after each roll. Pinch dough to seal in raisins, walnuts, and spice.
  7. Place into bread pan and sprinkle the rest of the spice mixture on the top. Bake at 350 °F for 30-35 minutes.
  8. Once bread is out of the oven, spray or brush on oil (I use avocado oil) and then cover with a towel for 10 minutes. This will keep the top of the bread soft.
  9. Remove bread from pan and place on wire rack until cool. Bag the bread. Wait two days for the yeast alcohol to disappear and then enjoy! I love this bread sliced and toasted with a plant-based butter. Yum!
Roll the dough from the shorter side on top to the bottom. Remember to squeeze as you roll. This will give a great swirl.
Please watch the short demo of how to sprinkle the spice, raisins, and walnuts and roll the bread. I truly hope this demo helps!

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