Simple Preparations

Cabbage Roll Soup

This soup is mainly a deconstructed plant-based cabbage roll with more sauce. I actually prefer it over the cabbage rolls as it is less work

Indonesian Curry

When you make this recipe, you may add to it those foods that will best compliment your taste buds. Feel free to add only tofu,

No-Chicken Broth Powder

This is pretty much my go-to broth powder for making any chicken substitute or seasoning these types of dishes. There is absolutely no chicken in

Savory Herb Potatoes

This is a potato recipe that I’ve fallen in love with. I usually roast my potatoes, but lately, I have started to boil them and

Barbeque Sauce

This barbeque sauce is good and fairly easy to make. It makes a bit over two cups, which I jar in half cup quantities and

No-Chicken Salad

If you want a quick sandwich recipe, this is the one to try. I can make this in under 5 minutes if my veggies are